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Region of our Desiderio N°1

Art of Mother Nature 

In the enriching world of fine wine, location is everything. Italy, also known as Bel Paese or the beautiful country, due to its climate, landscapes, culture, and rich history, is the home of Prosecco and much of the world’s most renowned sparkling wines.

Our Desiderio N°1 winery is located in the heart of Veneto, Italy (or “La Marca Trevigiana”), a masterful piece of mother nature, which lies deep in the foothills of Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. This Medieval Italian territory is known among oenophiles (wine lovers) as the epicenter for the finest Prosecco in the world – the birthplace of Prosecco Superiore Treviso DOC.

However, the region is not just known for world-class Prosecco, there are fabulous full-bodied reds and light fruity whites that also hail from this unmatched terroir. Veneto’s grapes are world renowned and at Desiderio N°1 we have a passion for the remarkable Glera grapes of the region. These provide the foundation for our Prosecco Brut DOC and Prosecco Rosé DOC (which is blended with Pinot Noir grapes). We also have a special appreciation for the rare Raboso Veronese grapes, which we cultivate and use for our exceptional Rosso Spumante.

The Desiderio N°1 winery is located in the heart of the Marca Trevigiana, so any wine with our label on the bottle is guaranteed superior quality. However, there is more behind the creation of the Desiderio N°1 winery than wine production. We want to share the enjoyment, the experience, the company of like-minded friends. Our wines strive to become your new companions carrying you on the wings of desire on your journey to beautiful destinations where you can get lost together. Our whole enterprise is founded on one single statement:

“There are no strangers in the world, only f riends, who haven’t met yet.” Desiderio N°1 wants to get you excited about our unique and exhilarating wines. These aren’t wines you’ll find on the shelf at your local supermarket, which is why we want to present them to you in a different light sharing our passion for them with you.

We are honored to say that each grape used to create our sparkling wines originates from this exceptional terrain.