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Artistic Collaboration & Social Responsibility

Join the Movement

Calling all artists to join our dynamic and inclusive artistic movement. Discover a multitude of avenues, from open calls to immersive art residencies and collaborative projects. DN°1 is not just a Prosecco brand; it's a platform where art thrives, and creatives are welcomed to contribute their unique perspectives.


Welcome to Desiderio N°1, we believe in pushing the boundaries of excellence. Beyond crafting exceptional Prosecco, we are dedicated to nurturing creativity and championing the artistic community. Our brand serves as a dynamic canvas where the worlds of art and taste converge, resulting in each bottle becoming a tangible representation of inspiration and collaboration.

Art Residency Programs

At DN°1, we take pride in fostering artistic exploration. We actively sponsor art residency programs, providing accomplished artists with dedicated spaces to delve into their craft.

Limited-Edition Collaborations

DN°1 stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to artistic expression. Notably, our collaborative efforts ensure that artists receive a 50% royalty from the sales of these unique pieces, empowering them to continue crafting remarkable works.

Investing in Creativity

Our dedication to the arts extends beyond the label. A portion of every DN°1 sale is earmarked to support artists and art-related initiatives.

Empowering Emerging Talents

As staunch supporters of the next generation of artists, we proudly offer grants and scholarships tailored to emerging talents.

Gallery Experiences and Events

Immerse yourself in the captivating world where art and Prosecco converge. Our gallery exhibitions and curated events invite you to engage with the stories behind each collaboration.

Join the Movement

At DN°1, our glasses are raised to the artists who infuse life with vibrancy, emotion, and beauty. We invite you to be part of a journey where every bottle encapsulates creativity; where the simple act of enjoying Prosecco becomes an artistic celebration. Join the journey with Desiderio N°1 by filling out the form below and becoming a part of our creative community.