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Art of wine making

At Desiderio N°1 we believe winemaking is and should always be an art form. We have combined the best of traditional winemaking techniques with recent scientific developments and a deep rooted passion for vinification into one cohesive craft. We’ve also chosen to eschew modern mass-production in order to hand-craft distinct and truly exceptional sparkling wines.

Each bottle of Desiderio N°1 is lovingly crafted by the amazing Marco Geromel. Winemaking is an integral part of Marco’s being. His grandfather was a winemaker, his father is a vintner and he has always lived amongst vineyards. Through generations, Marco’s family has mastered the art of winemaking

which has led to Marco’s deep passion for the art form, which shines through in every bottle of our sparkling wine.

Marco oversees and implements all aspects of our winemaking process. In Italian we call this industry expert a vignaiolo, the word used to describe the combination of ‘winemaker’ and ‘grape grower’ (vintner). While the winemaker is responsible for the processing of the grapes and establishing the character of the wine, the vintner determines the appropriate vines and tends to the land to cultivate the very best grapes for production. In our own vernacular, we call him the artist.