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Summer is Calling: Craft Your Own Peach Bellini with DN1 Prosecco

Peach Bellini



Prepare your peaches by giving them a gentle wash as you cool your prosecco. Ensure that the peaches are pleasantly sweet and moderately soft, avoiding the extremes of being too firm or overly mushy. Take one peach and slice it into 12 small wedges to serve as an attractive garnish on the rim of your glass.

Dice the remaining peaches into smaller pieces and place them at the base of your champagne flute, enhancing the flavor of your prosecco. If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can also blend 1-2 peaches into a puree and add a small amount to each glass. This will result in a slightly cloudy but equally delightful peachy cocktail. Remember to serve it chilled. Cheers - or cin cin!