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We have taken a new approach to the art of winemaking through the use of technology. Combining viticulture (the cultivation of grape vines and the growing of grapes), vinification (the physical production of wine f rom grape juice), and oenology (the study, knowledge, and understanding of wine and the winemaking process) into one cohesive practice.

While both viticulture and oenology depend almost entirely on knowledge gained through experience, technology provides a far greater and scientific understanding of ‘why’ certain aspects of

viticulture and vinification are so critical. This is why at Desiderio N°1 we have invested in our own laboratory for wine analysis and we work with a full-time Oenologist who constantly ensures the premium quality of our products.

Although we are always up to date and use the most advanced technologies available, we rely solely on the expertise of our vignaiolo to produce our superior grapes, never using added pesticides, GMOs, or synthetic chemicals in our vines and all ingredients added in the winemaking process are natural, including the yeasts.