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How much you know about Prosecco?

We all love sparkling wine but, how much do you know about Prosecco? Let us try to explain the basics of our product in a simple way and bring you closer to this wonderful drink!

Prosecco has a long history (it dates back to Ancient Romans), takes its (modern) name from a small village in north-east Italy, and we produce it using a grape called Glera.

In order to produce Prosecco we must follow a strict "disciplinare" (literally translated a huge book of rules and regulations!) and according to those rules, Prosecco can only be produced in certain areas, using certain grapes and a rigorous production method with pre-established deadlines. Only then the Government will issue a certificate for your Prosecco DOC (controlled designation of origin) to make sure you get the best product in your bottle.

In recent years, thanks also to a consistent commitment from Italian producers, Prosecco overtook Champagne sales worldwide and, while the two products may look similar, there are some important differences.

The most important being the grapes region of origin (France for Champagne, Italy for Prosecco) and the fermentation method, with Champagne being fermented in single bottles (Metodo Classico) and Prosecco produced in large tanks and then bottled (Charmat/Martinotti method).

Do you find this interesting? If yes, stay tuned, we will publish a series of Prosecco Knowledge and fun facts.

See you soon and Salute!

Desiderio N° 1 Sparkling Team