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Grapefruit Spritz Cocktail Recipe

These Grapefruit Spritz Cocktails are perfect for a festive brunch. Prosecco, grapefruit and aperol combine in this bubbly cocktail. 

If you’re a fan of the traditional Aperol Spritz Cocktail you’re going to love this fun twist! 

With just three ingredients you can fix a fun and festive cocktail that’s icy cold and refreshing with a pop of bubbles and tangy grapefruit juice. The addition of aperol gives this cocktail a nice herbal backbone and just a hint of bitterness. It pairs really nicely with that grapefruit juice and gives this cocktail a wonderful bright pink color.


Prosecco is what gives this bubbly cocktail its great sparkle. Its fine, persistent bubbles carry with it notes of lemon, vanilla and cedar, mingling perfectly with the grapefruit and aperol. 

To finish things off, I just added a simple slice of grapefruit zest. Be sure to squeeze it into your glass to release all those fragrant citrus oils into your delicious cocktail.

These grapefruit prosecco cocktails would be perfect for a date night with your significant other, or as a fun twist on the traditional mimosa if you’re hosting a brunch with girlfriends.

If you like your cocktails extra bitter, try swapping out the aperol for some campari. They have similar flavor profiles, but campari is less sweet.