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Despite being created in Treviso, DESIDERIO N°1 is housed inside the Johannesgasse 17 art gallery, the heart of Vienna, which is open to visitors eager to enjoy a cozy art-filled space with a glass of prosecco. Wine making could be likened to art. We can look at ROSÉ SPUMANTE CUVÉE PRESTIGE BRUT as a work of art. There is a close link between the artwork and DESIDERIO N°1. In order to present a bottle of prosecco with the status of the artwork inside and out, we have hired the famous Austrian artist Andrew Stix. He is a man with potential, grandeur, ingenuity, and with the bold head of a revolutionary and the heart of a boy. When creating the artwork "DESIDERIO N°1 ART MUST BE TASTED", Andrew was fascinated by the flavors that one can put to a higher degree as far as his eyes are closed. First of all, there was a unique taste and aroma of prosecco. Instead of trying to blind you to science, we look at the process of making prosecco as art.