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DESIDERIO N°1 has launched a special edition bottle collection. Guided by the motto “ART MUST BE TASTED’’ we brought together renowned international artists with the task of giving prosecco a new dimension. ALL BOTTLES ARE HANDMADE AND UNIQUE PIECE OF ART. *coming with certificate.

Austrian maid ARMINA HATIC was born in Mistelbach in 1976. In 2007, she began studying at the Vienna Sculpture Institute and graduated in 2011 with a diploma. Today, Armina Hatic lives in Vienna, where she is a freelance artist.

MORITZ MIZRAHI, born in 1997, lives and works in Vienna and is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Public Art with Mona Hahn and graphics and graphic arts techniques with Christian Schwarzwald. MOIZ’s work has its origins in the letters.

SEBASTIAO COSTA is street artist born in Portugal and today he lives in Austria. He is inspired by lights and it’s reflection. The colors are red and white light, reflecting from surface of bottle. He painted DESIDERIO N°1 bottle during the group exhibition Magazin, Licht und Kraft.

ANDREW STIX is born in Frankfurt Am Main on 1968. In his early teens, the family emigrated to Salzburg in Austria, where he spent most of his adolescent and early adulthood. After graduating from high school there, he moved from Salzburg to Vienna, where he spent three years studying (including architecture and mechanical engineering) until completing an apprenticeship as a sound engineer. In 1993 he began the college course “Arts and Culture Management” at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, which he graduated in 1995.

The twins DANIEL and LUCAS RACHLE were born in Klagenfurt in 1986. Since early childhood, creative painting and design, promoted by the family, had a high priority. As a result of the previous years of artistic debates, “Rachlé Art” was launched in 2009. The focus is on the painterly design and remodeling of objects, textiles, antique furniture and canvases. The artistic expression unfolds in a wide variety of color nuances using acrylic, oil and pigment colors. The range of genres ranges from graffiti, pop art, comic drawings to surrealist painting. With the idea of combining the old with the new, among other things, high-quality antique furniture and its fabrics are painted by hand. This approach fuses the face of antiquarian furniture in a kind of symbiotic name with modern art.

DESIDERIO N°1 is gaining worldwide reputation as a genuine collector and sponsor of art.

One way we have successfully managed to combine our wine with art is through our unique DESIDERIO N°1 Art Lounges which are the perfect marriage. Here we encourage international artists to use our art lounges, typically located at the beating heart of historic European towns such as Vienna’s Johannesgasse, to display their works of art which can be appreciated by visitors who have come to relax and enjoy a glass of our wine.

If you are a budding artist, or you know someone who is and who might benefit from exposure in one of our DESIDERIO N°1 Art Lounges, please get in contact with us and we will be delighted to book some space in the nearest appropriate lounge to where you are located.

In addition, we are always keen to provide sponsorship for budding artists, so we would welcome you getting in contact with us if you have an up and coming art exhibition and would welcome a sponsor who is not only associated with the art world, but who genuinely appreciates the wealth of new and emerging artistic talent.