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Sugar level in Prosecco

Prosecco is available in 6 different sweetness levels, from Brut Nature to Dolce (Italian for Sweet). The International Sparking Wine Scale is applicable to most sparkling wines.

The amount of residual sugar in each bottle determines how dry or sweet the wine will be. The yeasts consume the sugar in Prosecco and turn it into alcohol during fermentation. The fermentation process requires a longer time if you want a drier Prosecco. If you want a sweeter Prosecco, the fermentation process will be interrupted earlier.

Extra Brut  0 to 6 g/l 

Brut  below 12 g/l

Extra Dry 12-17g/l

Dry 17-32 g/l

Demi-sec 32-50 g/l

Sweet more than 50 g/l


Prosecco Brut Dry