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Magazine, light and power @ N ° 1 ART LOUNGE

About this Event

On 6 December 2019, group of young and passionate artists with different back grounds get together with Mizrahi Fine Arts cooperation and exhibited their unique modern pieces in Desiderio N°1 Art Lounge in Vienna first district.

Analog and digital media merge into an experimental composition. how does light create space and vice versa, what does it mean? To have access to the light? An exhibition that experiments with the technical possibilities of light ...

Art Lovers enjoyed this magnificent evening of the stunning hourly shows in the unique DESIDERIO N°1 Art Lounge and DESIDERIO N°1 wines.

Artists (alphabetic order): Anna Luise Schnur Armina Hatic Daniel Jud Gert Resinger Jakob Noack Mority Mizrahi Olivier Hölzl Sebastiáo Costa